Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The PAYOPM offshore e-wallet is completely committed to complying with international laws and regulations linked to financial services, which allows it to block, at all times, money related to money-laundering, terrorism and fraudulent financial operations being delivered through its platform. To block the platform from being used for this type of financial crime, PAYOPM has implemented a series of measures that ensure compliance of all global standards in the fight against money laundering. In addition, PAYOPM hopes that its clients cooperate at all times to prevent and report any type of incident. PAYOPM considers keeping its clients’ information secure as one of its greatest attractions, however, it also puts into practice actions that help it maintain its status as a company that works with world-wide electronic payments; for this reason, when its clients register with the system, they will have to offer determined legal documents that confirm their identity. PAYOPM reserves the right to request new documents at any time; PAYOPM could request that its clients send additional personal information, in case of need. In determined cases, PAYOPM could block a client’s account if it feels that the account could be linked to a potentially fraudulent activity.







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