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How does PAYOPM work?

PAYOPM is an E-wallet that lets you receive and make payments safely, without the necessity of a bank account.

Why do I need an e-wallet?

If you are starting an online business, opening a bank account or payment gateway can turn out to be a long and expensive process. In addition, you may need to receive money in another currency or receive a remittance with Western Union or MoneyGram and not have a receiving office near your home; your ability for receiving and sending money could be limited by exchange regulations or limits applied by your country of residence; you could need to make a payment by credit card and not have one, etc. For these and other reasons an e-wallet is your best solution.

Will the money I have sent or received through a PAYOPM account be available immediately?

There are technical times. PAYOPMTM will deliver only when there are enough money available in your account, so the client must keep in mind the monetary clearing times, which are as follows:

Verified credit card 24 - 72 hours
Unverified credit card 45 - 60 days
Western Union 24 hours
MoneyGram 24 hours
Bank Transfers 2 - 7 days

There are various types of accounts and some are for payments. Why?

There are two factors that influence the type of service offered: security and due diligence, or rather, a detailed investigation about money movements. Both are expensive, for which reason we offer the service without a charge for opening the account only for those clients who receive small amounts of money each month. Those who need to send or receive larger amounts can join with a Silver or Gold account.

The FREE Account of PAYOPM™ offers receiving unlimited online payments and makes payments up to a limit of 1000.00 EUR per month, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers and settlements without the need for a foreign bank account.

The Silver Account of PAYOPM™ offers receiving and sending online payments up to a limit of 2,000 EUR per month, immediately or guaranteed, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers and settlements without the need for a foreign bank account.

The GOLD Account of PAYOPM™ offers receiving and sending online payments without monthly limits, immediately or guaranteed, by credit cards, international money drafts, bank transfers and settlements without the need for a foreign bank account.

Can I open a FREE account and then later go on to another type of account?

Yes, at any time by undergoing the verification process.

Are the accounts personal or corporate?

You can select a personal or business account at the time you open your account. Then, you can change your choice at any time by uploading the required verification documents to your profile.

What limits are on transactions?

The free account allows you to receive unlimited, and send up to 1000 €

The Silver account allows you to receive unlimited and send up to 2000 €

The Gold account allows unlimited receiving and sending.

Which currencies can be used to open the PAYOPM accounts?

The accounts can be in EUR, USD or CHF. Your balance will also appear in the currency of your IP or in your chosen currency. You will be able to receive and send these currencies by bank transfers, while remittances from Western Union or MoneyGram can be received in USD and sent in USD, applying the exchange rates of remittance companies on deliveries in other currencies. For example, you have a balance in EUR and wish to send EUR: the money to be sent will be changed to USD and then changed back to EUR at the exchange rate applied by the chosen remittance company.

There are various e-wallets around the world. What are the advantages offered by PAYOPM?

PAYOPM tiene menos regulaciones que PayPal. Esa empresa estadounidense cada vez impone más requisitos y su servicio no está disponible en todos los países; mientras que PAYOPM no afronta ningún problema para trabajar con aquellas naciones vetadas por PayPal. Otra ventaja importante es que PAYOPM protege tanto al comprador como al vendedor, mientras que PayPal protege, exclusivamente, al comprador. Además, PAYOPM también tiene un área tipo “freelancers”, donde consultores, freelancers de web y otros colocan sus anuncios.

Does PAYOPM issue any cards?

Sí están disponibles tarjetas no relacionadas con su cuenta por motivos de privacidad, así que podrá recargarla desde su cuenta sin que por medio de la tarjeta se pueda tener información sobre la cuenta de PAYOPM.

Is it possible to withdraw money from ATMs?

Yes, from any ATM in the world.

Is the PAYOPMTM accepted by online stores?

You can buy from online stores, although the process isn't immediate like with a credit card. We advise you to use the card for online shopping and PAYOPM when you need privacy when shopping.




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