PAYOPM Marketplace advantages for webmasters and bloggers

PAYOPM Marketplace advantages for webmasters and bloggers

PAYOPM Marketplace offers webmasters and bloggers various options for monetizing there online space, through the placement of Google AdSense advertisements and the PAYOPM Marketplace referral program.

One of the biggest problems that webmasters and bloggers face when working with AdSense is collecting what has been earned starting with the insertion of the Google code, because AdSense makes payments by checks that arrive with traditional mail or by an international courier, resulting in an addition cost for this service and the possibility of the letter being lost. Now, with the PAYOPM Marketplace, this problem is eliminated because webmasters and bloggers can collect their AdSense money online, directly through PAYOPM’s platform.

In addition, it is possible to check your AdSense earnings from PAYOPM Marketplace; and another advantage of this service is that PAYOPM Marketplace makes payments each month, regardless of the amount of money obtained by the webmaster or bloggers; in other words: you don’t have to reach a minimum amount to receive your money.

The money earned with Google AdSense ads arrives in the webmaster or blogger’s PAYOPM Marketplace account at the end of the month. 

Another advantage that webmasters and bloggers will find working with the PAYOPM Marketplace is the Referral Program. How does it work? When creating a PAYOPM Marketplace account, bloggers and webmasters receive a personal link that they can share on their websites or social networks. If someone clicks on this link and opens a paid account on PAYOPM Marketplace, of which there are three types right now (Silver, which costs 240 Euros annually; Gold, which costs 480 yearly, and the Corporate account, which is only for businesses and costs 960 Euros each year) the bloggers and webmasters will obtain 20% of the total paid for opening the account. For example, if someone opens a Silver account through your link, then you will receive 48 Euros.

However, the advantages don’t end here because, in addition to this income from opening an account, the bloggers and webmasters will receive, for the duration of the account! 1% of cash movements in this account in the PAYOPM Marketplace. For example, an account that moves 10,000 Euros per year will represent an income of 100 Euros for the bloggers and webmasters. A very useful detail: this is applied to each account opened through the link, which means, if bloggers and webmasters have, for example, 10 paid PAYOPM Marketplace accounts opened through their link, their income will increase greatly.

The payment of 20% per referral is given only for paid PAYOPM Marketplace accounts but if, for example, a person clicks on the link and opts for opening a free account on the PAYOPM Marketplace the blogger and webmaster have, in any case, the right to the payment of 1% of any financial movements made by this account.

With its referral program and online collection of income generated by Google AdSense, the PAYOPM Marketplace has positioned itself as a very useful instrument so that bloggers and webmasters can better monetize their online space.







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